Weekly Clairvoyance


Masonic Hall, Northcote Lane, Honiton EX14 1NP

Start 8pm ,Admission £3.50 Under, 16s Free

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Telephone 01404 548420
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    Develop your Mediumistic and Psychic Abilities

Every Tuesday 12.45 to 2.45pm with Pauleen
Every Wednesday 7.15pm to 9.15pm with Harry and Pauleen
Honiton Venue for further details phone 01404 548420



Held at The Masonic Hall, Northcotte Lane ,   Honiton EX14 1NP

For more info please phone 01404 548420

With Harry and Pauline Alldritt    Friday 7.30pm to 9pm -9.30pm on     13th April
£5.00 per session

This circle is open to anyone with an interest in mediumship. You may be a member of an existing circle, keen to have some extra practice, or a working medium in search of new volunteers to practise on, or simply someone looking for proof that their loved ones survive in the spirit world.

Trained at the Paignton Spiritualist Church, Harry and Pauline have given numerous demonstrations of mediumship and held services in many spiritualist churches.

We are members of the South West Association of Spiritual Healers, and have been giving Spiritual Healing for over twenty years. We are both Reiki Masters


Clairvoyance for 2018


26th March   Jan Harris from Bristol

International medium Jan feels it is an extremely important part of her demonstrations to prove the continuation and existence of life after death. Jan saw spirits as a child but ignored this ability until recovering from cancer aged 40 when she felt she had been given a second chance to explore her gift.

 Admission £5.00 

2nd April  Easter Sunday No Meeting
9th April   Marina Martland from Exmouth

16th April  Darren Brittain From the West Midlands to Devon!

For the past 22 years Darren has demonstrated in Spiritualist churches, halls and theatres around the U.K. as well as to Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Norway, and Finland. His reputation for delivering names, dates, street names, and personal information to identify loved ones has earned him a reputation as a medium of high quality.

Admission £8.00 ~ Start 7.30pm

Tickets available in advance either Monday nights at The Masonic Hall or PayPal via www.honitonspritgroup.co.uk




Phone 01404 548420 for more details

23rd April   Sonia Clatworthy from Dawlish
30th April  Shirley and Gerry Cambourne-Paynter from Torpoint
7th May   Tony Whitehead from Axminster
14th May   Katharine Henagan from Taunton
21st May   Julieann Harper from Plymouth

I have been a working for spirit from my teenage years and I started to see and hear spirit when I was around two years old and thought everyone heard and saw the same as I did, but like most children I was told not to be silly and never tell. My great grandmother and grandmother were natural mediums and the awareness has been passed on through the generations passing down from me to my sons, along with church services, clairvoyant evenings, charity events and teaching.

Admission £5.00 ~ Start 7.30pm

28th May   Tony and Val Hardware
4th June   David Spencer from Tavistock
Tonight £4
11th June   Nicola Monks from Paignton
Friday 15th June  Oscar Villegas from Bournemouth

Oscar Villegas possesses an amazing gift - psychic powers that over the years of his extraordinary life has brought joy and comfort to thousands of people.

“I come from a very large South American Family. From my very early days I knew that there was something about me that made me different from my friends.”

Admission £6.00 ~ Start 7.30pm

Saturday   Oscar Villegas from Bournemouth
16th June   Private Readings in Honiton

   All readings will be recorded on CD
"I endeavour to help people by bringing words of comfort and healing from the spirit world. Every reading is different, so I will give you exactly what the spirit world gives me."
Cost £40.00
Phone 01404 548420 for more details

18th June   No Meeting as held previous Friday
25th June  Marcus Burnett and Pam Blacker from Bristol ~ Psychic Artist and Clairvoyant ~
Admission £4
2nd July  Jeanette Holman from Cambourne
Admission £4
9th July   Linda Bassett from Yeovil
16th July   Val Chapman from Brixham
   Musical Mediumship
23rd July   Angie Kruger from Cornwall
   Admission £4

Tuesday   Angie Kruger from Cornwall
24th July   Private Readings in Honiton

Phone 01404 548420 for more details

30th July   Nicky Friendship nee Gard from Tiverton