Honiton Healing Group

Drop-in Healing Centre,

 Monday evenings between 7pm and 8:30pm

Honiton Healing Centre, Masonic Hall, Northcote Lane, Honiton. 


For further details call: 01404 548420


Student Healer Training Sessions provided

1st Monday of the Month from rom 8pm to 9.15pm


All welcome from people with no experience or those who want to practice.


Harry Alldritt, Registered SWASH Healer (Trainer and Assessor)

Pauline Alldritt, Registered  (SWASH Healer - Trainer and Assessor)


To Book or For Further Details please Telephone: 01404 548420


SouthWest Association of Spiritual Healers

Part 1 is to be attended first and Part 5 last. Parts 2-4 may be done in any order, but is recommended that all parts are

completed sequentially and spread over the two year student period.

Membership forms and information will be available to enable you to join.