Every Tuesday 12.45 to 2.45pm with Pauline
Every Wednesday 7.15pm to 9.15pm with Harry and Pauline

Do you want to develop your intuition and mediumship or are looking for a home circle?  Then join us on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in a relaxed environment.

Honiton Venue
For further details phone 01404 548420

with Harry and Pauline Alldritt
 8th May, 12th June, 10th July

Wednesday  7.30pm to 9pm
£5.00 per session

This circle is open to anyone with an interest in mediumship. You may be a member of an existing circle, or a working medium in search of new volunteers to practise on, or simply someone looking for proof that their loved ones survive in the spirit world.  Of course, you may be simply curious.  This is an opportunity to experience spirit in an informal, safe and loving environment. 

Held at The Masonic Hall, Northcotte Lane, Honiton EX14 1NP
For more info please phone 01404 548420


with Barbara Hennessy

This workshop will introduce you to the colourful mysteries of the world of Intuitive Tarot. Perhaps you have a deck at home and don’t know where to start, or you would simply love an insight into reading the secrets of ‘the cards’. Whatever your reason, this informative full day workshop will open your eyes to the ancient skill of using this amazing, and often misunderstood, spiritual tool. 

We will delve into everything you need to start your journey – from the history and buying and cleansing of your deck, to how to successfully read and interpret all 78 cards. Lots of fun and laughter are included, together with a bound manual for you to keep for reference and a reminder of the day.  If you have your own deck, feel free to bring it along, alternatively borrow one of the many spares available on the day.

Tel:  Barbara on 07825 178722 or Harry Alldritt on 01404 548420

with Bernice Cockram
Saturday 9th 11th May 10am to 4pm - £35.00

A fabulous one day workshop where you will discover what crystal therapy is, how it works, and how you can use crystals to enhance your life.

We will experience meditating with a crystal and find out how to cleanse and program your crystals to work for you.

You will also learn how to dowse using a pendulum, as well as exploring how you can use crystals with your chakras.

Handouts and all materials for the practical’s will be provided, however participants are welcome to bring their own crystals should they so wish.

Tel:  Bernice on 07855 728216 or Harry Alldritt on 01404 548420

with Angie Kruger
Saturday 30th March 10am to 4pm - £35.00

This workshop is designed to promote better understanding and communication between people from this world and the other. I am asked all the time how to deal with haunted houses, ghosts and other spirit beings. It's a very big subject and so easy to get confused between one genre and the other.

During the session we will be exploring various methods of communication and working towards understanding all the levels of interaction in a relaxed, safe and fun environment looking at Spirit types such as Lost Souls, Ghosts, Hauntings, Entities etc. (and discussing the different approaches to each).
The day is open to all levels of experience and will also include sections on Mediumship, Channelling and Trance.

Please bring a book that has been bought especially for the day, plus pens and a pendulum if you have one. (If not, a pendant will do).

Tel:  Harry Alldritt on 01404 548420

with Julie Soskin
Saturday 06th April, 10am to 4pm - £35.00

These seemingly mysterious cards that include such titles as, The Magician, the World, and The Lovers, have meanings that are sometimes mundane and sometimes profound.  So, what can these cards reveal to us?

In the first part of the day we will find insight for your personal life and during the afternoon we will explore the deeper meaning of the Tarot.  The 78 Tarot cards are a wonderful instrument for personal revelations and spiritual growth and during this workshop we will explore some of their important messages. They can also reveal exciting possibilities for your future so join us on this day of exploration, inspiration and fun. No experience necessary.  (If you own your own pack please bring them to the day).

Tel:  Harry Alldritt on 01404 548420

with Barbara Hennessy
Saturday 18th May, 10am to 4pm - £35.00

This workshop will help you gain additional insights into the magical world of Tarot.  It follows-on from Barbara’s ‘Level 1’ workshop but is open to anyone wishing to improve their technique or gain confidence in their readings.

Delving deeper into the inner symbolism of the cards you will learn more layouts, how to use reversals and significators together with a deeper understanding of the Court cards. 

Another day filled with laughter and discovery and a chance to hone your skills as intuitive tarot reader. 

A bound reference manual is provided for you to keep, which will help you with your continued practice and application once you return home.  

Tel:  Barbara on 07825 178722 or Harry Alldritt on 01404 548420

with Marina Martland
Saturday 08th June, 10am to 4pm £35.00

We will discuss past lives, what we can expect from the experience, how knowing a past life can help us in the present life. Healing and bringing forward the joys and celebrations of success into this life time for our greater good. We will start with a relaxing guided meditation to open up the chakras, and a meditation to set the intentions for the day. Then deepening our relaxation in preparation for the journey into a past life.

Once in that deeper state of relaxation, you will be guided into a past life, learn about yourself in this past life, gain as much information as you can about this life, learn its lessons, recapture skills, happy emotions and strengths.

We will talk about cord cutting and healing past life issues to free ourselves of past commitments, vows and promises that no longer are true for us and then perform a cord cutting ceremony as a group.

There will be time for discussion and questions and answers.

Tel:  Marina on 07808 194404 or Harry Alldritt on 01404 548420

with Barbara Hennessy
Saturday 22nd June, 10am to 4pm - £35.00

Most people have a normal deck of playing cards sitting in a drawer at home.  So why not learn how to use them for the ancient and mysterious art of ‘fortune telling’. 

On this workshop Barbara will introduce you to the basics, from the simple meanings of each card, to weaving them into a story to enable you to impress your family and friends with insights in to their past, present and future.

Warning – your new-found skills will make you very popular at parties!

Tel:  Barbara on 07825 178722 or Harry Alldritt on 01404 548420


             Mind Body Spirit Fayre
Saturday 7th September 2019
To be held in The Mackarness Hall, High Street Honiton EX14 1NP
9.30am to 5pm Free Admission
Please fill in this form along with 50% Deposit to ensure your place at this special event.
Telephone:                         Mobile: 
What will you be selling? 
How many Tables?            Cost:                Deposit:
Readers: £50.00 4 foot table
Traders: £35.00 6ft 6in table
The hall will be available for setting up on the Friday  14th September from 2pm to 6pm
Make out cheques to: Honiton Spiritualist Group
Send to Harry and Pauline Alldritt, 8 Minifie Road, Honiton, EX14 INF
Phone: 01404 548420