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New Moon and Solar Eclipse 11th August 2018
It’s times like now, with the series of eclipses we’ve had, and the current astrology with 7 planets retrograde, including Mercury, that I am grateful that I have some astrological knowledge and also can use the support of crystals. It never stops the smelly stuff from hitting the fan, but it helps to have some understanding of why, and to have tools to mitigate the effects! Eye of the Storm has been grabbed on many a recent occasion as I have been dealing with the stresses of trying to move. Things have become frustratingly complicated in more than one area and crystals have helped me to regroup, come back to centre, remain confident that things will work out and keep pushing forward.
Last time I mentioned the reams of paperwork I had been sent and they were the source of my first shock. There is a legal complication with the house I am buying and the solicitors don’t agree on how it should be resolved. I thought it was being sorted, but what I read said that the whole basis of the sale was not as it should be, and if that was the way it was actually going to be, I couldn’t proceed. That completely threw me and as my mind started sifting through the ramifications, it sent me on a slow but certain, downward spiral. After everything it had taken to get this far, it finally all seemed to be coming together and I couldn’t believe that it was all going to fall apart, again! Disbelief and despair tugged me down and I kept crying, on and off. There was a bit of me that thought that it could be sorted, but that got swamped in all the negative emotions I was experiencing.
Is it solvable? A simple question asked by a friend, and that brought me the perspective that I needed as, although my emotions were saying No, my mouth actually said Yes, and I realised as I said it, how stupid I must be sounding. If it could be sorted, why on earth was I so upset?
Being a Sunday, I had to wait to call my solicitor on the Monday, and my stress levels were greatly exacerbated when the voicemail told me that she was away for 2 weeks! I hadn’t been told, and that meant that the date we had been hoping to move was now looking highly unlikely. I held on to speak to someone else and eventually got through to the deputy manager. She was a breath of fresh air, was calm, listened and explained the situation in a way that I could at last understand. I know they are trying to protect me and ensure everything is right in the end. The information that had sent me into a spin was an error, a generic reply, she said, and not relevant to my case! Phew, that was a relief, all that upset for nothing it seemed.
The next ream of papers gave answers to my solicitors enquiries, the first being their insistence that the complication should be dealt with in a certain way. I read the reply;
This is not agreed. There will not be….. but ….. Our clients deal with sales of properties on this basis and we have dealt with hundreds of transactions in this way. We have already set out to you the basis upon which this sale is to proceed.
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So I rang again and was told, It’s OK, don’t worry, we’ve already written back telling them it has to be done our way. I felt I wanted to scream, very loudly, as I could see the impasse, even if they couldn’t. I’m not a chess player but I recognise stalemate when I see it! What’s your plan B?, I said, as we have to find a way forward! What are you going to do, I asked, when they come back to you and say that they aren’t going to do it your way? They have said this all along, and if that’s the way they’ve always done business, they aren’t going to change it for you, are they? And if they always do it that way, surely it must work?
A few seconds silence on the other end as it sank in, and then, Oh, well, I suppose I could phone the Land Registry and talk to them about it. If they are happy, I suppose we could go with it. YES! A potential way forward! I was relieved that she had listened and embraced doing it differently and was hopeful a solution could be found.
Trying to sort my removals hasn’t been easy either! I’ve had three companies quote, I nearly needed a defibrillator after the first and the second was worse! Finally, I thought I had found the perfect company, a personal recommendation, their quotes were very reasonable, and a great synchronicity meant that the owner was in my house within fifteen minutes of me phoning him. He even asked me if I did crystal healing and we talked about astrology and finding crystals ‘in the wild’. He was chatty and friendly, it was a small family firm, everything seemed to fit, it felt easy and flowing. Over the next couple of days, while I waited for his
quote, I made up my mind that even if he was a similar price to the other two, I would go with them.
2-3 days later, I was sat with a friend and I felt I needed to check my emails before she left. Ah, the quote had come in, I was full of confidence and positivity as I opened it, but that all evaporated as I read the email and instead of a quote, it was just an email, not from the guy but from his wife, saying that they couldn’t do the move for me, ‘due to the amount and weight’. I was completely perplexed as I knew he had had a conversation with the friend who recommended them, along the lines that we had a similar quantity to move. I’m down-sizing, and as we had gone around the house I was pointing out all the furniture I definitely wasn’t taking with me. Some I was unsure about, so I said, This is the worst case scenario, but it can be less, if needed. Somehow, I hadn’t made that clear, all it would have taken was a phone call to say I needed to cut things down by X amount and it could be done, but without talking to me, they had made up their minds. As I talked to my friend, we came to the conclusion that he could only mean one thing was causing the main concern, yes, you’ve guessed it, my crystals! And more than a few garden pots too, but again, I had said that I was going to cut them down and it was flexible! I was annoyed that he hadn’t come back to me and talked it through with me. All it had needed was a phone call to discuss it and we could have worked out a solution.
Do you need to take all the crystals with you?, my friend asked. We’ve got a lock-up, it needs clearing and sorting, you are welcome to store some in there and I can bring some down to you each time I visit. What a generous offer, and it seemed like a perfect solution, as well as giving her the perfect excuse to come down! In a later conversation someone reminded me of a very reasonably priced ‘man and a van’ who could also help by taking a load separately if needed. So I cheerily emailed back, saying, Don’t worry, all is not lost, and told them about the storage offer from my friend and asked them to get back to me. A return email promised me a call.
It was the weekend so I didn’t worry that it wasn’t forthcoming, but instead of a call, I again got an email, again not from the gentleman
himself, but from his wife. The details were so confusing, I couldn’t follow it, they had completely mis-understood what was needed and had come up with a complex and unnecessary solution, which made the cost ridiculous. Even taking the crystals and the garden pots out of the equation, the quote just for my furniture was ridiculously high, even more than the previous two! A comment that another type of company could better help me, made it obvious that they had deliberately quoted high and didn’t want to do the job. And all this could have been avoided if he had picked up the phone and spoken to me! How frustrating. If you would like **** to call you on Monday to discuss please let us know but fully understand if you don't. Yes I do need **** to call me as you have misunderstand what is needed and unnecessarily overcomplicated it!! If he had spoken to me , it would have avoided this and saved yourselves a lot of time. It can be quite simple! I look forward to hearing from him on Monday. Many thanks And that was the end of that, as I’m sad to say, I never got a phone call. And to top it all, I discovered that part of the company’s name is ‘versatile’, really???
One thing this did do, was galvanise me into selling the furniture I’m not taking. If I was going to get someone new to quote, I wanted the house to look as empty as possible! Mercury retrograde is great for decluttering and once I ‘got my eye in’, and was buoyed by some quick responses and sales, I got the bug and have taken full advantage of on-line marketplaces. And then I wondered if I was over-complicating the removal situation and perhaps I already had the answer. The first quote, in hindsight, wasn’t as expensive as I first thought, and was for a big lorry, so there was no problem with them taking everything. My concern was whether it was too big and would block the road at my destination. So I phoned to explain my concern and he came up with an easy solution. Great, maybe this would work and was a simple solution, but my renewed positivity again evaporated as he said he was fully booked for several weeks so couldn’t do any of my possible dates. I phoned the second company and asked how busy they were – they had very few dates before the end of the month. On closer inspection, she noticed that my preferred date was free but with no firm date for exchange, let alone completion, I couldn’t get them to reserve it.
I talked to my buyer and we both agreed we wanted to move before the end of the month and would try to bring it all together. I left them to talk to their buyers and emailed the agent upline to see if that could be brought into line. I love this picture that I found last time, it entirely sums up how I’ve been feeling, in the middle, trying to hold the chain together and bring it all together.
I’ve felt for a while that I just need to keep the momentum going. I’m not one to chase every day or jump up and down and demand things are done, but I have been gently chasing when and where things have felt they are going quiet. The ‘upline’ agent I’m buying through didn’t answer my email after a couple of days so I rang. The conversation wasn’t completely satisfactory and I felt I was being fobbed off in some way. Another two days, and I’d still heard nothing so rang again. I was promised a call back, which didn’t happen and so I rang again in the morning and said I felt that she was avoiding talking to me. She called me back later and was keen to explain that she wasn’t avoiding me, but wanted to be able to give me some good news. She went on to say that there were a couple of problems, one of which she had only heard about the night before and couldn’t look into until Monday. The worst case scenario, and it was looking quite likely, was that my seller would have to withdraw the property! OMG, where was my Eye of the Storm? Thanks eclipse, that was a curve ball!
Something interesting happened though. Maybe it was her honesty about the situation and hearing that she is solution-oriented, but I
remained really calm. I managed to stop my brain from going down the ‘What if?’ route as it had done last week. Deep down, I had this strong feeling that there are solutions, and it can be sorted. And actually, even if it can’t, I can pick myself up and start again. I could feel a strange echo between the situation my seller is now in and how I felt last week, and hoped that she would be able to pick herself up and find the solutions. My calm response felt as if I had healed a layer or two of an old pattern. Whatever happens, there are challenges still remaining, but I’m OK with that, I know I will handle things differently next time. I can ride the storm and find the way forward.
And just to top it all, my internet went down as I was typing this and doing the last minute detail on my newsletter. So that is why this is late, as well as me trying to change another pattern of pushing myself too far trying to get things done. I looked back at the dates of the first New Moon and Solar Eclipse and realised that I was so busy then that I stayed up all night to finish the newsletter. I should have been going to the first of a three day event, but found myself going to bed not much before the time I should have been getting up. It would have been energetically suicidal to have gone and tried to do readings on no sleep, although I know I could have! I haven’t yet found the solution to always being busy and having a last-minute rush to get things done, but I did stop myself staying up again and pushing through the night. This, like my life, is a work in progress. I think I need to buy some of this barrier tape!
The ripples of this extraordinary series of three eclipses will continue for some time, maybe even months, and with 7 planets retrograde, including
Mercury, things aren’t straight forward. Mis-communications and mis-understandings occur, and many more will occur if we don’t share our thoughts. There is also an influence that is making us afraid to upset others and that can lead us to avoid conversations. With so much karmic influence and undertones, old ‘stuff’ will be brought to our attention, old layers that need clearing, or changing.
Resistance is futile, I remember saying last time, and digging our heels in is not going to work! That creates more resistance and nothing is resolved. Avoidance is a form of resistance, however presented. Challenges need to be faced, talked about. Keeping silent, not taking action, avoiding, solve nothing, and can create more challenges. We mustn’t give up, but keep pushing forward. Maybe pushing is the wrong verb, as it is not forceful in any way. If I close my eyes and think about it, I see a hand clearing the path, gently, calmly, sweeping aside whatever was on it, in the way, stepping forward and then clearing it again, and then again. Whatever life throws at us, we can cope, and we will not only cope but thrive. Staying calm and centred is key.
Solutions need to be sought and this comes from remaining flexible and open to doing things in a different way, to not getting stuck in a pattern of doing or thinking. If we find we are being caught by opposing forces, there is help to become an intermediary, the go-between that can initiate the solution-finding process. We need to do what we can do in as open-hearted a way as we can, but equally, we need to recognise when we are flogging a dead horse and find the courage to walk away and start again.
I had a thought during this Mercury retrograde. I can’t promise that it is an original one, but it was a relevant insight at the time. What if the ‘purpose’ of Mercury retrograde is to get us talking? When mis-
understandings or problems arise, we have to talk, to communicate, to resolve them. If we don’t they won’t get resolved. Maybe that is Mercury retrograde’s gift? Only another six planets to solve then!
Meanwhile, I’m not going to get despondent or waste time worrying, I’m going to go and pack some more boxes, and send a clear message out to the Universe. I’ll get there!
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