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Insights for the New Moon 13th June 2018
Packing for a workshop is always interesting. You might not be surprised to know that the crystals get packed first, and clothes etc., for me, second! It can sometimes be a case (love the pun) of what there is room for. And often what can be carried. Crystals vary so much in weight and it is always a test whether or not I can lift the case in the first place!
Last weekend was an excellent example. I was assisting Judy Hall at The College of Psychic Studies in London. This involves a train journey to London, the Underground, escalators and numerous flights of stairs going up and down, steps to come out of the tube station at the other end and a short walk to the college. So, if the bags are really heavy, I
get a cab! This time, Judy was giving a talk on the Friday night, a workshop on the Saturday and teaching with the College’s healing group on the Sunday. So we needed crystals for the three events, and just before I left, I saw an email pop up from Judy marked ‘Urgent’, telling me that there were now 80 people booked for the talk and we would need more crystals! So I grabbed what I could quickly find (I should have been leaving at this point) and added them into my already full and heavy case.
One thing I have alluded to in my recent insights, but kept to myself until now, is that I have (finally), sold my house! What a marathon this has been, very frustrating at times but it is finally happening. I did sell last year, but it fell through in what can only be described as slightly bizarre circumstances, and I had to accept, reluctantly, that it wasn’t ‘right’, or meant to be at that time. People have tried to be helpful and reassure me that when I do sell, it will go through really quickly and that when it is meant to be, everything falls into place effortlessly. Yes, this is something I would say to other people in the same circumstances and I know this energy, the ease of flow, no resistance, it’s like being carried along on a wave towards the shore. Great! Except that life doesn’t always go that way, even when you know that you are following the right path and doing all that you can, things don’t always slot easily, and effortlessly into place. ‘I am finding my dream home, quickly and easily, at a price I can easily afford’, is visible on my desk and repeated often. And yet, I am nearly three weeks down the line, had several visits to the area I want to live in, have put offers in on two properties, narrowly missing out on one. ‘You’ll know it when you see it’, is another, oft-repeated phrase, and that definitely hasn’t happened yet. Neither of the
properties I put an offer in on were instant love-affairs, more slow-burners, as I visualised how I could ‘do them up’, saw the potential in them. A relatively low budget means my choice is limited and I have to compromise somewhere. The different houses I have been viewing have been testing my various criteria. Am I willing to compromise on the garden, area, outlook, condition or size?
On the train to London, I was messaging a friend who is helping me house hunt. She has been a fabulous help, spotting a past life energy that was holding back the sale and encouraging me to do what I needed to do to clear that and keep the energy moving forward. Once the house was sold, and after a few non-succesful buying trips, I felt stuck as to what to do to keep the buying energy moving. On our second trip, with virtually no potential houses coming up for sale, we only had one to view. That could have been interpreted as a sign that ‘This is the one’, but it wasn’t meant to be. I liked it more than anything I’d seen so far and some parts of it were perfect and gave me the energy I need to live and work in. There were compromises though, and I was disappointed at there being more work to be done than I anticipated. It was the first time I had found any hint of dishonesty or deceit from an estate agent. Up until then, I had been pleasantly surprised by what I saw as their honesty in their descriptions. ‘In need of a degree of modernisation’, ‘Would benefit from some updating’, or ‘Renovation project’, all prepare you for the possibility of installing new heating, kitchen or bathroom. The one I was disappointed in, was described in its video tour, as having a stylish kitchen and a stylish bathroom. I seriously thought about putting an official complaint in on this. The bathroom, in particular, was no doubt stylish when it was installed in the 80s, but looks extremely dated now. I can’t remember what that shade of green was called, not Avocado, there was another one, anyway, it was definitely from the 80s!
Messaging my friend, I said that now my offer had been rejected on this property (I knew it was lower than they wanted, but to me, reflected what I thought it was worth), and with nothing else suitable coming up, the energy felt flat, stuck, around buying. ‘It’ll be fine, you said before if it’s for you it’ll all work out. If you don’t get it then there’s something better round the corner. I know you want to get it all sorted but Aries do remember. After the weekend there may be others to look at. I’m very sure the universe will have it planned out now things are moving everything will slot into place. Just got to trust it!’. Yes, there is probably some Aries impatience there but I reminded her that the time factor is important and was rapidly becoming urgent. ‘Enjoy your weekend’, and ‘Give your brain a rest!, were her final words of support. Yes, I was looking forward to a busy weekend which I knew would give me little, if any, time to think about any of this. Hopefully that would give the space for things to unfold.
I usually use my card, over the phone, to pay for parking at the train station and for some reason which I can’t remember, I changed it this time. It might have been that the other one had expired. Anyway, once on the train, I had a text message from my bank saying that my card had been blocked until I verified certain transactions. It queried the parking payment and a couple other recent ones. Once verified, they said it was unblocked, but I was nervous about using that card when I went to pay
for my taxi fare, so I used another one, but had problems with that. The card reader didn’t read it, then it didn’t like my pin, then it went into some type of loop and finally rejected it! How embarrassing! I had praised the driver for choosing the route to the College that brought you in the right way on its one way system and allowed him to pull up right outside the door for me. Fantastic service! Except that there were cars parked in various places and although cars could squeeze past, a bus couldn’t. We were now holding the traffic up, and my driver was keen to move on and didn’t attempt to get out to help me with my case, even though he had done so when I got in, after he saw me struggling with the weight of the crystal suitcase. So I quickly tried the card I had been worried about, and I increased the tip, in case the message was that I wasn’t being generous enough! Even that was excruciatingly slow but it thankfully worked, and I eventually stumbled out of the taxi, mumbling embarrassed apologies and straining my muscles to lift my case out and up the steps to the College.
At least I always get a warm welcome there, they are all lovely, and it almost feels like coming home. Greetings and essential information exchanged, I needed to drop the crystals into the lecture hall and then continue to the 4th floor. I went to go up in the lift. The display showed minus one, it was at the bottom, in the basement. I waited, and waited, and heard none of the tell-tale creaks that usually indicated it was moving. I tried pushing the button again and waited some more. Perhaps it had been inadvertently propped open or something was jamming the doors from shutting. The staff in reception were all busy so I ran down the stairs to the basement to check it out for myself, trying to be helpful too! The doors were firmly shut and refused to open. I tried using the buttons there to take the lift back up but nothing happened. It was definitely stuck. ’Oh no, not again’, they said in reception. Leave your big case here, they helpfully said and we can take it up later, although I was going to try and manhandle it up the stairs. If I got a hernia, that would have been my own fault but I didn’t want any of them getting one! I was the first to arrive and was wondering how Judy would manage without the lift when she came.
I took the stairs to the 4th floor with my small personal case. In the room upstairs, I noticed that the clock was showing a bizarre time, in no way
relating to the actual time, although it was still ticking merrily along. A message, it seemed to me that the timing wasn’t right. Not long afterwards Judy arrived, and it dawned on me that she had come up the lift. ‘Yes, it was working, no problem’, she said. When I saw one of the receptionists she told me that they had had to reset the lift! Who knew that such a thing could, or had to be done at times! ‘Reset’, felt like a ‘Duh!’ moment. Get the message Terrie, you are stuck in an old way of thinking, that’s why nothing is ‘moving’, you need to reset your thinking.
That evening, I also somehow managed to break the self-service till in Tesco, just as Judy and I were hurrying to get back for the talk. It was doing funny things as I was scanning the items and then the card machine went completely blank when I tried to pay. I kept pushing the button for help, but none arrived. After several frustrating minutes, I decided to abandon my shopping when someone came and took me to another till to pay.
Over the weekend notifications of new properties on the market kept coming through, but nothing that really caught my eye. Then I saw one that was familiar, either it must have sold and fallen through, or they had changed agents. I knew I had seen it some time ago, but dismissed it for some reason. Reading the description, I quickly saw three factors that would have put me off viewing. Talking it through, I realised that, having viewed a few properties since then, my criteria had gradually changed and two of my prior misgivings were now less important. And the third, which was energetics, we realised, could be sorted, with the help of a few crystal and spiritual friends. Things had not flowed easily or fallen into place, but they were necessary steps along my path that had helped
me to come to where I am now, each one helping to clear an old pattern of thinking to accept new possibilities.
If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want. And all that is left is compromise. Robert Fritz
With the three card incidents, I had to look at the underlying energies on money, and I realised that I am slightly embarrassed that I have a relatively low on-going budget for buying a house and in doing so, blocking my success. I realised that I keep saying that I am restricted in how much I have to spend and felt that I am probably not of much interest to the agents, being at the bottom range of their lists, small fry was the phrase that came into my head. What is your budget?, estate agents ask when you register. I can only go up to…, is usually my reply.
This New Moon in Gemini gives us an opportunity to change an old pattern of thinking, of finding a new way, new trains of thought. It offers a reset button. Where are we limiting ourselves by the way we describe things? Often we think we are just describing ‘reality’, but if there are restrictive words included, they are restricted thoughts which we send out to the Universe. I can only…. I haven’t got…….I have limited time/money/skills….I can’t have/do ??? because…….. are all ways in which we limit ourselves. We should not be embarrassed by who we are, or our personal circumstances. No-one else knows the path we have taken to get here, nor the challenges we have overcome to do so. If we are afraid of other peoples judgement, we are judging ourselves as
inadequate in some way and limiting ourselves. Definitely not abundance thinking!
How can we change our thinking and our words to reflect the abundance we have and to open up our thinking and further opportunities?
I’m off house hunting again tomorrow, it felt important to put it off until after the New Moon, to make a fresh start, with new eyes and a new way of thinking! Fingers crossed!
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