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New Moon and Solar Eclipse insights 15th February 2018
Arrggghh!! That is the sound of my brain being overwhelmed! Sometimes, there is just too much information out there, too many facts and figures, too many stimuli, too many technology problems, too many questions and too much expectation! Information overwhelm seems to be rife. I’ve felt as if a thousand things are being thrust at me for attention every day, an exaggeration of course, but this is how it has sometimes felt as I have struggled to keep up with everything. January was manically busy, partly my own lack of planning and overcommitting I know, but I was so looking forward to a quieter time in February, to ‘catching up’, but every time I seem to spot a gap in the diary it becomes filled for me, if not by me. Time has seemed to be going even faster than usual too. Please slow down, I have heard myself ask on more than one occasion.
Another trait I have spotted is a technological laziness creeping in. I am always happy to help if I can but have noticed a lot of questions being asked that either I have already given the answer to, or that people can very easily find for themselves. Information is so instantly and readily available that there seems to be almost an expectation that other people or the internet will give us our answers and that means we are relying on our instincts and our own resources less and less. And the less we use these innate parts of us, the less we trust them. Facts and figures, or what someone else says, are being relied on, rather than relying on ourselves. Social media is a great observation tool for something like this. I have noticed on a local page, deliberately named with the word Positive in it, so fairly obviously aimed at promoting positive news in the
region, the page has been inundated with requests for recommendations. I understand that if you are undertaking major building or electrical works you want a reliable person or company, but asking for recommendations for fish and chips? And questions like, Is the school open today?, Is there anything going on in the half term?, have very uncharacteristically and uncompassionately, raised my blood pressure slightly. I guess, when we are feeling pressured or short of time, impatience can creep in and we notice things like this more, and I know that we all learn in different ways, but I did feel like replying – please go and try for yourself, please go and experience, unless you do you are just taking someone else’s opinion and limiting your own experience. What is right for one person isn’t necessarily ‘right’ for you. Oh, and why not ring the school directly to find out if they are open or not??
I think I was in shock when I saw someone asking their ‘friends’ opinions as to which of two houses they should buy??!! This is not someone you would say is lacking in confidence, they just seemed to have difficulty knowing what was ‘right’ for them. What makes your heart sing, what does you heart say, not your head?, was what I wanted to say to them. Isn’t it curious what goes on under the surface without us knowing? I’m sure other people judge me by what I do or how I look, but won’t know the inner workings of my mind or my heart.
And don’t get me started on fake news, that is certainly not going to help any of us to know the truth in life. Whatever happened to going and
finding out for yourself, trying something and forming your own opinion? Is it a skill that we are losing, is it something the next generation will struggle with?
I remember resisting using navigation technology for a long time, almost stubbornly so. I had prided myself on my good sense of direction and also my ability to read maps. Using a device to tell you where to go, takes away your instincts, I said. I’m pretty good with technology and love learning how to use things and exploring their capabilities, so that wasn’t putting me off, I was worried that I would get to rely on using it and lessen my ability to trust my instincts. Using and trusting my instincts is a skill that I have developed and is a key in helping others with crystals, astrology and coaching and I want to carry on developing that and not diminish it. Obviously, when I tried one I realised I was right, and that it is very easy to rely on it but it also very, very useful at times! So I now try to find a blend between the two, only using it when I ‘have to’ and using my instincts at other times.
Naturally, lack of confidence can contribute to not trusting our instincts as we feel we don’t know enough, don’t have the right qualifications etc etc. As a society we don’t encourage self-confidence; talking yourself up, praising yourself, self-promoting are often frowned upon, looked at as arrogant or egotistical. When I was writing the previous paragraph, talking about how I use my instincts in my work, I noticed how I censored myself. I went to type…..which is what makes me good at what I do. But I didn’t, I changed it, toned it down, even though it wasn’t coming from ego, but from a neutral place of knowing my strengths and weaknesses, after years of self-analysis and improvement. Even from this viewpoint, I was afraid of being seen as bragging.
Confidence can be a bit of an ambiguity, Someone said to me this week, I’m not very confident, and I challenged them on that, as they were very confident, very certain about the fact that they weren’t confident! We all have something that we are confident about, so it isn’t that we are lacking in confidence, more that we are not acknowledging that we already have this skill and tapping into it when we need it.
You say you aren’t confident? How sure are you about that? You seem pretty confident that you aren’t confident? Could you possibly be wrong? Terrie Celest
A client recently said, People who know me really well think I’m wonderful! Wow, I was momentarily taken aback at this statement and took a few moments to observe and process my internal reactions. I had never heard anyone say that before. It wasn’t said arrogantly, just very assuredly, as a fact. I’m sure some people would have classed it as arrogant but there is a very fine line between being assured and arrogant, a line that is hard to define too. I realised that we are not used to hearing people speak highly of themselves, to praise themselves out loud, it is almost ‘not the thing to do’, although I’m sure there are cultural differences around the world. As I am typing this, I have a little noticeboard on my desk that has positive affirmations on it that encourage me and help me to ‘keep on track’, but there is a huge difference in reading these silently to myself or saying them out loud when I am on my own. Saying them out loud to someone else is another matter entirely and would probably feel quite odd. But why should it? Why are we not comfortable telling other people how good we are at something? We are far too good at talking about what is not going right in our lives and what we don’t like about ourselves.
So often, the strongest opinions we have about who we are and the labels we give ourselves, are criticisms, negative viewpoints. We become our own judge and jury about what we should be like and in particular about how we have failed. We don’t realise how we limit ourselves by our limited thinking as we don’t see it as limiting, we think it
is reality, how things are or how we are. The more we repeat this opinion, the more it becomes our inner reality, we believe it to be true. We create our own fake news!
Of all the millions of self-help books that are available to us, the vast majority will be encouraging us to drop the self-criticism, stop judging ourselves and to change the inner voice to a kinder, more positive and encouraging one. I don’t think you will find any that will encourage us to repeat the negative stories we tell ourselves, the stories we repeat in our head that cause us upset, that burrow away at us, None of these are positive. Imagine having a library at home, but there was only one book in it and we reread it over and over again. There is so much information we can access, it seems a crazy idea that we wouldn’t have any alternative information and therefore alternative viewpoints, available to us. Why are the stories we insist on sticking to in our heads negative ones?
We are limited only by our thoughts, was the phrase that strongly came to me for this New Moon and Solar Eclipse, the retelling of old stories and the feeling that we are an outsider, that we don’t ‘belong’ in some way or another. We feel we are different, that we don’t have the same abilities or attributes of people we see living their lives the way we think we would like to.
The image of a card come to my mind from the Osho Zen Tarot, or part of it. I saw someone stood by a gate, not realising that the gate was actually unlocked. Having not used this deck of cards for a while, I couldn’t remember what it was called. I shouldn’t have been surprised to
find that it is The Outsider, and, of course, the image and meaning are perfect for this New Moon and Solar Eclipse.
The Outsider
The small child in this card is standing on one side of a gate, looking through it. He is so small, and so convinced that he cannot get through, he cannot see that the chain holding the gate is not locked; all he has to do is open it.
Whenever we feel ’left out’, or excluded, it brings up this feeling of being a small, helpless child. It is not surprising, as the feeling is deeply rooted in our earliest childhood experiences. The problem is that, because it is so deeply rooted, it plays over and over again, like a tape, in our lives. You have an opportunity now to stop the tape, to quit tormenting yourself with ideas that you are somehow not ‘enough’ to be accepted and included. Recognise the roots of these feelings in the past, and let go of the old pain. It will bring you the clarity to see how you can open the gate and enter that which you most long to become.
Osho Zen Tarot
What stories do you tell yourself, what self-portrait do you paint from your thoughts, your self-talk? In a Goalcast video, Rock Thomas said;
The words that follow I am, follow you…. Your brain is like software and it’s time for an upgrade, to reprogram it. The most powerful force in the psyche, is how we describe ourselves to ourself.
If we keep telling ourselves the same story, not only will we end up believing it, but we will allow our minds to keep us locked out of happiness, locked out of fulfilling our desires and our potential.
When you say I am, what words follow?
It is time to rewrite our story to start not just a new chapter but a new book, to tell a new story. It is time to open the gate.
© Terrie Celest
Osho Zen Tarot published by St Martin’s Press.
Goalcast, Rock Thomas video